Black Cat Treasure Hunt

For our party game, black cats led us all over the house for a treasure hunt. Each black cat the girls found had a clue written out which led them to the next black cat until they reached the treasure at the end.

Download this template to make your own spooky cat.

black cat

Print it on card stock and cut it out. 
I wrote the treasure hunt clue which led the girls to the next cat in silver glitter pen right onto the cat's body.

Or if you're so-very-Martha . . . you can sew these precious felt stuffed cats (and you can use them for an extra party favor).

Use the same template as a pattern. Trace it onto a piece of sparkly black felt--and be sure to cut off the tail if you're doing this version. Sew it, stuff it, and add some button eyes. Voila!!! 
I tied a ribbon around his neck with the treasure hunt clue.

The "treasure" can be a box of books--one for each party guest to take home as a party favor.

Or if you don't want to do such an expensive giveaway, you can print up coloring pages and tie them together with a bag of glitter crayons.